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HTML Tutorial

Why do we need to study and understand HTML?

In this HTML tutorial, you will learn the html language and how to use it to create your own web site. We will see that an HTML page is a block of text that can be surrounded with tags that indicate how it should appear (for example, in bold face or italics).

Therefore with all the wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) software's that generate the HTML file based on a text you type, you could wonder if there is any added value of studying and understanding the underlying HTML file.

It all depends of what your objective is! Should you wish only to create a simple home page, you can certainly live with an HTML generator and don't need to understand the HTML language.

If your objective is to create a complete web site and need to have full control over it, you need to understand HTML because:

  • you may have difficulties to create with the wysiwyg generator the page exactly the way you want it, especially but not only with tables. Even if apparently less friendly user than a wysiwyg interface, typing directly HTML tags will save you a lot of time and will give you full control over your page.
  • you may have to integrate external objects, like advertisements or counters. A proper integration of these elements will request you to incorporate them directly into the HTML document.
  • the template management will be much easier.
  • you will need it to integrate dynamic data (from database like Mysql or languages like PHP)

How to use this site?

If you are not familiar with the HTML language, you will find a tutorial that will show you step by step how the HTML language works. You can also use this section as a refresher on some particular functions and / or elements.

You will also find a full HTML 4.01 reference guide ordered alphabetically or by function.


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